• HIS Prep
    An online lecture platform for SAT 1, SAT 2, and AP test prep, Herald e-Prep is one of the country’s largest test prep platforms that services lectures by famous domestic and foreign instructors via Internet. Visit Site
  • FrenchMaster
    An online lecture service that focuses on preparation for the DELF and DALF exams (diplomas awarded by the French government to certify the French language skills of non-French test takers), Frenchmaster offers online lectures for all levels of learners from beginners to preparatory classes for the most difficult DALF exam. Lectures are tailored to the needs of each exam through a combination of conceptual classes and problem-solving classes, making Frenchmaster a highly-recommended service for first-time and experienced test takers alike. Visit Site
  • PTE Academic 시험센터
    The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is one of several required English proficiency tests for those who wish to emigrate to Australia or New Zealand. The PTE Academic is also a certified English proficiency test that is accepted by universities in the United States and Commonwealth countries. Herald Corporation operates a Korean test center for the PTE Academic that provides test preparation services. PTE Academic PTE PASS
  • 대학 E-learning
    These online MBA/MPA programs offer graduate degrees from several prestigious Korean universities (Sogang University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Ajou University) entirely online.
    Designed for office workers who cannot take offline classes it enables the acquisition of an MBA or a Master of Public Administration completely via Internet.
  • Herald Insight & Tomorrow
    Herald Insight and Herald Tomorrow are online English newspapers completely operated by young people.
    It is the most influential publication of its kind in Korea, with the entire publication process (designation of article topics, reporting, write-up of English articles, publishing) undertaken by student reporters.
  • Herald Test
    Adopting interview based oral proficiency evaluation method, Herald Speaking Proficiency Tests(HSPT) provide accurate and reliable speaking proficiency tests to companies and universities. The test results are used for organizations to hire or/and promote workers or evaluate the progress of one’s study, or to measure the language proficiency level of the employees. Tests are provided in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Russian and available both online and offline. Visit Site
  • HIS Herald Education Center
    The International Herald Education Center provides online/offline educational services to those preparing to enter domestic or overseas international schools or to current students of international schools/programs. Visit Site
  • HIS Book
    HIS Book is an online bookstore that specializes in English textbooks for the prior learning needs of students preparing to enter an international school in Korea or study abroad in Singapore or a country in the British Commonwealth. Flip Edu offers a wide range of exercise books, textbooks and other academic texts for all students from preschool to grade 12. Visit Site
    The Korea Herald’s preparatory class for those seeking to enter a graduate degree program in translation and interpretation offers a service that gives learners online access to the offline lectures of famous lecturers. By viewing these lectures online through, learners can prepare for their graduate school entrance exams in various languages (English, French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.). Visit Site
  • Korea Herald Language Institute
    The language institute in Korea with the longest history, the Korea Herald Language Institute (KHLI) is an educational institution that specializes in foreign languages and is widely recognized for its unique and intensive curricula in the areas of entrance exam preparation (graduate schools of translation and interpretation) and English listening and writing. Visit Site
  • Korea Herald Translation Center
    With over 20 years of experience handling the translation and interpretation needs of large-scale international events in Korea and major Korean government institutions, the Korea Herald Translation Center is the most widely recognized and authoritative translation and interpretation center in the country. Currently, it is responsible for the translation and interpretation duties of numerous distinguished institutions in Korea in a wide range of areas (Seoul Metropolitan City, PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Yeosu World Expo, Global Fair and Festival, ICLEI World Congress, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Bank of Korea, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Samsung Electronics, Doosan, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul City Hall, etc.). Visit Site